While stationed in Europe, during his military service, our Owner and Head Roaster learned that coffee was meant to be enjoyed. It wasn't just a bitter dark liquid to be consumed simply to stay awake.  When roasted and brewed correctly coffee  is smooth and shouldn't taste or smell charred

 In 2013 he began roasting as a hobby. Driven to create something similar to the first shot of espresso he tasted that didn't make him want a chaser. That first world changing shot was taken in a little Italian bakery just outside The Piazza dei Miracoli. Which is home to The Leaning Tower of Pisa.


 This business has since grown from a fun hobby, roasting with a home built system, to where we are today.


Our coffee shop opened its doors to the community January of 2018 on the Historic Downtown Square of Lebanon, TN. At the same time we moved our roasting operation out of the Garage and into the shop for onsite roasting. This ensures we create the highest quality products while allowing our customers to see where their favorite roasts begin.

Every roast starts with high quality Fair Trade green coffee. It is then roasted in small artisanal batches. Small batch roasting results in an extremely fresh cup of coffee that is smooth, flavorful, and satisfies the senses. You can be assured that the bag you buy or the drink you order will have been made with a commitment to both quality and freshness. 

Split Bean Roasting Co.


110 East Main Street Lebanon, TN 37087

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