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Roast Level: Medium

Honestly if we didn't tell you it was decaffienated you most likely couldn't tell and isn't that what anyone who needs to drink decaf wants to hear? 


The Cup:

Mellow, sweet, & smooth body. Notes of graham cracker, Brown Sugar and Cocoa.


Origin Information:

Sierra Madre, Chiapas. Various smallholder members of CESMACH

This Coffee has undergone a gentle, chemical free Water Processing Method developed to remove the caffeine from the green coffee with minimal change to the coffee's taste.


Yes we know Decaf can be a scary word bordering on blasphemy for many coffee Connoisseurs. However, our mission was to find and roast a decaf that is smooth, rich, & enjoyable on the pallet even for those who are offended by the mere thought of being served decaf.