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Reload Espresso Blend

Roast level: Full City (Medium Dark) 

One of our most popular blends as well as one of our longest running. A Med/Dark roast with a bold yet smooth flavor, which is developed through a “low&slow” roast profile. This is also what we use for Espresso in the shop with tasting notes of brown sugar and toffee present. 


Notes From the Roaster:

Reload is a mash up of Wash Processed South American Arabica (for its smooth and slightly sweet tasting notes) and Naturally Processed Indonesian Sumatra (to bring in a full body with earthy notes).

It creates an espresso or drip brew that balances beautifully in the cup.


This was the first blend and roast profile that was really worked on by our owner. It was developed to mimic the flavor of that first shot of espresso in Italy that began our owner's journey down the rabbit hole that is the coffee world. (read our story on the website to learn more)


"Whether you find yourself at the Reloading Bench or Standing in front of your Espresso Machine pulling off the perfect shot requires precision and consistency. Pick up a bag of our Reload espresso blend and make every shot your best"

Reload Espresso Blend

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